Behind the Brand

Kevin Richards is the man behind blu_smooth.

A former international swimmer and triathlete, Kevin grew up on the shores of the Eastern Cape and developed a love and close affinity for the warm Indian Ocean from an early age.

Competing extensively in South Africa and around the world, Kevin has swum in numerous different oceans and open water locations. The Caribbean; the Mediterranean; the Seine river in Paris; Sydney Harbour; a lake in Sweden; a lake in Canada; and even a brief swim in the mid-Atlantic; are just some of the places he has swum.

The Creation of blu_smooth Wetsuits

South Africa’s political isolation in the 1980’s meant that swimming wetsuits were very hard to come by. Kevin’s idea of developing his own wetsuit for his own swimming and triathlon needs was born out of necessity. Calling on local surfing wetsuit manufacturers, he developed a “no frills”, simple, sleeveless swimming wetsuit for him. The wetsuits were nameless and unknown; but soon became popular with local triathletes for their simple, yet effective, design.

After many years of travelling and competing, Kevin worked in the wetsuit industry abroad. After spending many years immersed in the latest wetsuit developments, he returned to his roots and his home waters. Harnassing his vast experience and knowledge in developing blu_smooth wetsuits.

Uncomplicated in design and utilising the finest wetsuit fabric available Blu Smooth continues to deliver quality and value to it’s rapidly growing following

“Open water swimming is a lifestyle! Sometimes we race and sometimes we swim purely for the pleasure. Little beats the feeling of swimming in open water… the freedom, the elements, the challenge, it’s there for everyone. Open water is our culture… make it yours!”

Kevin Richards, founder blu_smooth

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